- We are biology lovers -

In darwid_illustration we are biology lovers in all its forms, colors and magnitudes. We range from cell biology, immunology and biochemistry, to zoology, population genetics and ecology. Although we know we cannot be experts in all these areas at the same time, our professional background allows us to navigate, interpret and illustrate the literature of these exciting disciplines.

We are David y Jimena, genetisist and biochemist, with PhD in chemistry sciences and wide background in immunology, cell biology and animal physiology. We have always been interested in science communication and biology details, therefore, combining that with our love for drawing, we specialize on scientific illustration and animation.


What to do if we want to explain the life cycle of some animal, the geography of a territory, or an interesting story, but words are not enough?

It is very likely that most of us take a piece of paper and make a sketch to be able to explain it. However, if we want to transform these ideas into scientific/naturalistic illustrations, not only technically accurate and visually attractive, but also showing the story that is behind them, we will face a challenging task.


- Our duty -

In darwid_illustration we understand the mean of these sketches, thus our duty is to take them off the paper and turning them into high-quality digital scientific and artistic illustrations, with the aim of communicate their main ideas.


- We are glad to help -

If you are preparing a scientific article, a grant, a thesis, a book or even a thematical website, we can help communicating all your ideas with the personalized aesthetic that your content demands.


- Always improving our skills -

We love challenges, constructive criticism and sharing our experiences. For this reason, we are continuously training to improve our discipline, studying and participating in scientific illustration contests, congresses and presentations, journalistic interviews, among others.

- ¡Happy clients! -

The Hospital for Sick Children, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, University of Harvard, Universidad Austral de Chile, UCT-H Oñativia, SIIC, Hospital Dr. Oñativia, University of Toronto. :)